Are Magazines Taking Over Your Office?

Hi, it's Debbie Green with Minutes Matter. This week, I would like to give you a few simple tips to take control of all those magazines you receive. If you wait until you have 15 - 20 magazines to go through at one time, there will never seem to be enough time because the task is overwhelming.

  • First, wait until you have the time to look through an entire magazine.
  • Tear/cut out photographs of window & bed treatments, floral arrangements or other items of special interest. (Be sure to tear out articles of personal interest as well.)
  • After you have removed all the photographs and articles you want, toss the magazines into your recycling bin. I know this may seem like a cruel concept, but who else is going to want the magazine after you've taken out all of the good stuff. By tossing the magazine you will rid yourself of a tremendous amount of clutter.
  • Clean up the photographs by cutting away any advertisements and straightening up all edges.
  • Use doubled-sided tape and mount them on card stock/index paper; use the front and back of the card stock/index paper.
  • Place the mounted photographs into plastic sheet protectors.
  • Create four View Binders with categories (Bedding, Pillows, Etc. Draperies Swags Top Treatments & Shades)

These neat organized binders can be a great asset to your company. I allow my clients, especially the ones that have never had custom window treatments, to borrow them over a weekend. Just like your local library, I "check out" the book to clients to keep track of this valuable resource. I also give them a pad of 2" x 3" Post-it notes to flag rooms or treatments they favor. Many of our clients are not exposed to custom window treatments on a regular basis; so, in a sense, your client is getting educated on what design styles are available. When we meet for our appointment, the client has already narrowed down some choices so the decision process is much faster.

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