A Drastic Change . . .

Recently Owen and Casey decided to make a major change in their life. Before you guys get scared, Owen and Casey will still be a big part of Minutes Matter. In May, they attended a weekend event, Outback America, which compelled them to make changes in their live. Some of the changes have led them to sell their house and move to the inner city of Huntsville, AL to be apart of the Lincoln Village Ministry. Several years ago, a few people and the city of Huntsville decided to get involved and help rebuild this neighborhood. Owen and Casey feel God has called them to use their talents in new and unique ways. As you know, one of Casey's gifts is art and another is her love for kids. Owen is gifted in technology and loves working with teens. For years, they have been heavily involved with the youth group at Twickenham Church of Christ and their house has always been a revolving door for the teens.

This type of ministry is not new. Do a search and you'll probably be surprised to find there is one of these ministries near you. We have one in Nashville area called The Front Porch Ministry.

Since this is such a drastic change, most (if not all) of their furniture will need to be sold with their house. The house they are moving into is approximately a third of the size of their current home. They are planning to use some of their profit to purchase furniture that will be more multi-functional for their new smaller space. Here's a glimpse of the Lincoln house, you can see they have some work that needs to be done.

This brings me to my reason for this blog:

Last week, as I was doing my morning reading, I happened to notice a contest sponsored by CB2 which happens to be one of Casey's favorite stores. In fact, we purchased several items from CB2 for our new Minutes Matter booth at High Point Furniture Market: wall mounted magazine rack, lamp, and table. The $10,000 CB2 gift card is what attracted me to investigate the rules of this contest. I thought to myself, someone is going to win this contest, why not Owen and Casey and my two precious granddaughters! If they win, they would be able spend the money they would have spent on new furniture on other things in their new surroundings. Believe me, there's a lot to do.

What I would like for you guys to do is vote for our booth at High Point. The entire $10,000 gift card will be used for furniture and storage in the new home. We would love to be one of the top 50 vote-getters to become a finalist. We have appropriately named the entry The Drastic Change, because we felt like this name was fitting for our new High Point space as well as their new life.

Please tell all of your friends and family to vote and help Owen, Casey, Maddie (9) and Morgan (5). The girls have big hearts and always want to help others but most of all want to please God. However, they are feeling a bit of apprehension in leaving their house and friends. Owen and Casey are very fortunate to have families that are extremely supportive. Both Jerry & I and John & Penny Kester (Casey's parents), told them we'll do whatever is needed to help them get the house ready. Owen's brother & his wife (Lee & Leah Green) and Casey's sister & her husband (Carrie & Ricky Jones) will also be helping a great deal.

Click here to vote for "The Drastic Change"
(but most importantly please keep this new adventure in your prayers!)


It's not too late to register!

We had a fantastic response to last night's webinar. One attendee commented,
Thank you so much for the wonderful webinar. It answered many of my questions and helped me feel as though it's possible to become much more comfortable and facile in my use of the computer.

If you would like to register for the second "seating" tomorrow at 1 PM, click on this link:
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And did we mention...

...that there will be a drawing at the end of the presentation for an amazing door prize?

An Apple iPad!


Computer Savvy Course

Ask yourself these questions:

* Do you have to click more than once to visit a vendor's website?
* Do you click Start to open a software program?
* Does your Desktop contain items older than three weeks?
* Do you believe you must file all jpegs in My Pictures/Pictures folder?
* Do you spend too much time locating a file?
* Are there times when you're frustrated by the computer?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this class is for you! We've made it easy to become computer savvy. Simply join this 90-minute course, to explore and learn the many features of your computer, from the Desktop to the Libraries, the mouse to the keyboard and customizing your Internet browser; you're going to love that one! Special attention will be given to topics such as creating folders and organizing files - learn about file types, how to open, copy, find, delete, and rename them. Shortcuts or hot keys, mouse tricks and clicks, screen captures, quick launch toolbar, system tray and task manager, all the tools and functions you may not know exist - these are the areas you'll master once you've attended this course. Don't miss the chance to learn how to get your computer organized!

While Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 systems will be displayed, XP users can benefit from the instruction also.

* Every person who registers (even if you don't attend live) will receive an email with a link to the recorded course which can be viewed anytime.

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Connexion ~ It's new, it's amazing and it's for every design business!

On Friday August 6th, we were finally able to make our big announcement. Deb Barrett, with Window Fashions hosted the launch webinar for CONNEXION. CONNEXION is a collaboration software that allows designers, installers, fabricators and clients communicate by accessing one software.

Well, here it is ~ Studio is moving to the Clouds with CONNEXION and that is just the beginning. Studio will now be available online. What does that mean? You will be able to access Studio anywhere, anytime, any computer. Studio Online will be available as a monthly subscription. We will be announcing more details in the upcoming months. For those of you that already own Studio you will be able to subscribe at a discount.

You can enter/upload everything in regards to a client job to CONNEXION. Your sub-contractors can login and enter prices and notes on the services they are providing. You have total access control for all sub-contractors. Since you're entering information into ONE database you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you are viewing the most up-to-date information regarding your client's job.

Your subscription to CONNEXION includes two free logins.
Now you can use Studio on an iPad or any platform for that matter. Look how great a rendering looks on an iPad! I'm so excited, I just ordered my iPad. I can't wait to be able to take it on client appointments. It's powerful, small and lightweight; the only other thing we need is CONNEXION.

Enter measurements right on the iPad and those measurements will populate the client file in CONNEXION. Are you visualizing a work order filled with actual measurements? Wow, I think I am in love.

I have just discussed a couple of the features available in CONNEXION. Want to see it for yourself? Katy and Mike with CONNEXION are hosting a FREE webinar so you can see the power and possibilities on Friday August 20th at 3:00 PM EST. Click on one of the links below to register for the day that works with your schedule.


My Latest Article in Drapery & Design Professional Magazine

My article in the July/August issue of Drapery & Design Professional discusses one of my favorite topics Cloud Computing. At the first of this year, we made an announcement that Minutes Matter had moved to the Clouds. Once the ezine was published, I received numerous inquiries about Cloud Computing. In the issue of this magazine, I discuss the subject in much more detail.

Don't stop reading now! If you're wondering what in the world is Cloud Computing, read my entire article the advantages for businesses are amazing. We love living in the Clouds more and more everyday.

If you aren't already subscribed to this magazine, I definitely recommend it. Drapery & Design Professional covers everything from technology to fabrication techniques. A subscription to the magazine and access to the CHF online forum Membership is only at $48 per year. Add their webinar package and your total would only be $95 per year.

See you in the Clouds!