Favorite Finds at High Point Fall 2009

Jerry and I returned from High Point Furniture Market in High Point, NC, last Friday. We were there for almost nine days. Wow, talk about a long show ~ we were both exhausted! I guess it has to be that long since the market is so large and there is so much to see. For Minutes Matter, this was our busiest market ever, however, we did take time out to visit several showrooms and take a few videos with our Flip Video Camera. If you have never been to High Point, I definitely recommend it. It's a great experience. There are so many products you won't see anywhere else. Just watch some of these videos and you will see what I mean!

(click on a picture below to view the video)

Favorite Find #1: Peninsula Home Collection Company
This company had gorgeous furniture pieces and were very designer friendly.
Website: www.phcollection.com
Order Requirements: No minumim opening order for designers

Minutes Matter Studio
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Favorite Find #2: Englishman's Fine Furnishings
Beautiful outdoor patio pieces!
Website: www.englishmansfurniture.com
Order Requirements: No minimum order.
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Favorite Find #3: Crestview Collection
Great prices on lamps.
Website: www.crestviewcollection.com
Order Requirements: $350 minimum order.

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Favorite Find #4: Guild Master
I loved everything in this showroom!
Website: www.decorize.com
Order Requirements: $250 minimum order.

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Favorite Find #5: Wilson Clement
This company had beautiful unique glass pieces.
Website: www.wilsonclements.com
Order Requirements: $250 Minimum - 15% shipping & handling.

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Two Friends Join Forces in Jamestown, NC

After working at High Point Market all last week, Jerry and I were pretty exhausted. It was a 9-hour drive back to Tennessee, but luckily Beth Hodges had loaned us an audio book (The Appeal by John Grisham) that helped us pass the time. Thanks Beth!

Several members from the local WCAA chapter help staff our booth during High Point Market, all of which just happen to be raving Minutes Matter fans. Amy Gilbert and Amy Meineke are two of the members that have helped staff our booth for the past eight markets. This market, the Amys invited Jerry and me to visit their newly formed partnership venture in Jamestown, NC. Several months ago, Amy and Amy decided to join forces in a business called Window Works. Both of these women are dedicated and enthusiastic about our industry. I love to hear the passion in their voices when they speak about their business. A local magazine, Guilford Woman did a copy story on their business.

The reception area is decorated very tastefully.

The fabric studio was neat as a pin. This room would be very inviting and appealing to any client.

The office includes a dual desk for both of them to work. The only things I thought they needed to add to their office were dual monitors. Since we have added dual monitors to our office, we can have two or more programs viewable at all times. All you need to do is set your second monitor to be an extension of the primary monitor. I'll bet the next time I visit they both will have dual monitors sitting on their desks!

Their workroom is very well equipped and has all the necessary tools to fabricate any size job. When we arrived for our visit, they were adding trim to drapery panels.

Partnerships can be a challenge, however, these women seem to have done everything right. Great job!


Join us for some trick or treating Studio-style

On Wednesday, October 28 at 1 PM Eastern we'll be meeting on line for a one hour presentation of Studio 3.0. This webinar is geared to new users, whether you're trying Studio for the first time or have upgraded to 3.0. We'll demonstrate the Step System and how easy it is to create a to-scale rendering with all the bells and whistles. Have a photo of your client's room? Even easier - we'll show our exclusive Set Scale and Photo Clip tools. And for a special treat, you'll get to see all the beautiful new images from Jackie Von Tobel Module 3! Fifteen minutes will be reserved at the end for any questions you may have.

Please click here to register (and if you are off to a Halloween Party and can't make it - don't worry - there will be a recorded video of this webinar you can watch at your convenience!)

PS that cute card was created entirely in Studio!


JVT Module Three is HERE!

When you open your Studio program this week, you should receive a prompt telling you that there is an update available. This update is for ALL Studio 3.0 users and contains several enhancements, as well as the images for "Jackie Von Tobel's Module 3!" (Remember, even though everyone will be able to see Jackie's designs, only those who have purchased that particular JVT Module will be able to drag those images onto their workspace.) We've made it easier to recognize Jackie Von Tobel images which now display as blue text so you can quickly distinguish Jackie module images from the other images inside Studio.
JVT Image

JVT Image

It's here ... Jackie Von Tobel's Module Three is now available! There are over 250 gorgeous new designs for you to customize and use for your clients.

JVT Image
If you haven't purchased this module yet, now is the time. Adding images to Studio will allow you to create rendering faster. Remember, all full designs break-apart. You can mix and match to create a unique look and then save to your custom tab. Module Three sell for $197. To purchase this module click HERE to be taken to our online shopping cart.


Window Fashion Vision - Runway Model Project - Red Hat Lady

The inspiration for the Music room came from the bright red dress and the variegated colors in the hat. Red is a favorite color for the client so I felt it had to be used for the music room.

The bottom of drape is full and flouncy like the bottom of the dress. The top to the drape has fullness in the tabs and the bands that pull the tabs together. At the bottom of the gathered bands is a soft feather that brings in just a touch of the hat. The pink body of the drape pulls just a touch of the variegated colors from the hat. The hardware, a simple brushed nickel finish with finials, it is minimal in the design making the focus the drape and its color. The leather chairs are fun and modern, and inspired by the solid red of the dress. In the corner of the room just out of sight is a baby grand piano with a black lacquer finish. The art in the room is from a young artist, my daughter, which was inspired by the black and red and the past. Everyone needs a music room, don’t you think.

To see all of the designs in Vision Magazine please click the picture


The Power of I, Secret #2

In our new project, The Power of I, we will show you the importance of "Personal Branding." Your branding does not stop at the office door. It permeates every aspect of your business, including your personal appearance, attitude and habits, as well as those of your employees. You are a walking billboard for your company and you must conduct yourself accordingly in order to protect your intended brand image.

Putting a face to your name is a great way to gain new clients and connect with old ones, but relying on that Glamour Shot you had taken eight years ago is probably not a good idea. It's important to keep your professional photographs current so your clients can actually recognize you. I know it can be hard to let go of the past as we forge ahead into the future, but an inaccurate or poorly shot photo can do more harm than good. So, if it has been years since you had a head shot taken put that on your to do list for 2010. We love the more casual looking shots.

Window Fashion Vision - Runway Model Project - Naughty in Pink

I chose to interpret this colorful Christian Dior Haute Couture design literally, starting with the racy part - the black tulle, using that as the sheer undercurtain in my treatment. The cowl neckline embellished with silk flowers became a swag, dressing puddled panels for lots of drama against the white woodwork and charcoal wall. Sinuous cascades lined in black stand in for the slim sleeves and gloves, while opposite, electric blue feathers were transformed into decorative tassels. And supporting it all, a specially turned silver leafed wood pole mimics the Tahitian gray pearl necklace. (click on image to enlarge)


Window Fashion Vision - Runway Model Project (Blue Dress)

This photograph of a runway model was only one of the inspirations for an article in the September/October issue of Windows Fashion Vision magazine. Several of the Minutes Matter team submitted designs. Look for Merlyn's, Anna's and Laureen's post coming in the next couple of days. What a fun project!

Casey and I worked together on this project. We both love working on cool designs for an office. I guess it's a passion for us since we spend so much time in our offices, we want that space to be as inspirational as possible. Casey even created a custom tile fireplace. Love it!

Below is the actual text for the article:

Debbie Green/Casey Green
: The inspiration for this office seating room came from the variety of colors used in a dress from the Erdem Winter 2009 season. Their client, Roxi, is an executive for a high profile social networking website who wanted her office to have a seating area that would serve as a creative retreat. Debbie and Casey decided to echo the dress in the stationary drapery panels. They added metal wall rings in a nickel finish to give the drapery panels an extra punch. The bodice of the dress inspired the multi-colored tile fireplace. The velvet fabrics used on the sofa and chair add another texture to the room and give the same depth of color as the taffeta fabric used on the drapery panels. The mural on the wall was the final touch that added just the right amount of pizzazz the space needed to achieve that bold, yet warm, feel.
—Dandelion Interiors, Nashville, Tenn.


QuickBooks 2010 is now available

QuickBooks 2010 has been released! We will be sending an ezine out soon letting you know what features we think are new and cool. You can purchase QuickBooks using the links below to take advantage of special pricing, compliments of Minutes Matter.

To purchase QuickBooks 2010 Premier Edition, click HERE.

To purchase QuickBooks 2010 Pro Edition, click HERE.


The Power of I,- Secret #1

The Power of I is the first-ever marketing book to address the specific needs of the Interior Design Industry. Detailed, step-by-step instructions and real life examples will be your guide to exponentially grow your business. Once you have the key concepts in place, you'll be amazed how effortlessly you'll generate substantial profits; even when others around you are struggling to break even. If you are serious about building a lasting and profitable business, this book will be your roadmap. The Power of I reveals the secrets of three of the industry's award winning innovators, Debbie Green, Casey Green, and Jackie Von Tobel.

In this book, we will show you how to take Studio to the next level to expand your business! Studio is not only a perfect communication tool between you and the client, the workroom and installer, but it is also a fabulous marketing tool. Studio can be used in so many unique ways for marketing.

Power of I: Secret #1 Revealed . . .
Here's a sneak peak of one of the marketing tips which uses Studio as a primary marketing tool. After completing a project, let the client know how much you enjoyed working with them by asking permission to post an article on your blog regarding their project. This is a win-win marketing idea! Not only do you show off your talents but also the clients LOVE to be published! The end result is they tell their friends, who check out your blog; opening the doors for tons of new potential clients!

Check out my Dandelion Blog to see some examples of how I use Studio to get referrals Blogs are a very economical but a highly effective way to market your business. If you don't yet have your own blog, we can help you with that too! Sign up today and let us set up a customized blog for your company.

I can't wait until you get a glimpse of our newest project The Power of I. It's the ultimate marketing system, once implemented your business will never be the same.


New Jackie Von Tobel Bedding Book Available!

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer Jackie Von Tobel's newest book, The Design Directory of Bedding! As you may know, Jackie's designs are exclusive to Minutes Matter's Studio software. This book is beautifully hand drawn by Jackie Von Tobel and contains over 1,000 illustrations that are sure to inspire you! Order this fabulous bedding book today by clicking HERE.

Minutes Matter will begin developing the bedding modules from The Design Directory of Bedding by Jackie Von Tobel starting in Spring 2010. The illustration above is an example of the pleated corona and bedding collection found on page 367. If you've not yet see Jackie's Window Treatment Modules for Studio, click HERE to learn more. These break apart designs allow you to customize every detail of a rendering.

Exciting News: The Design Directory of Window Treatments (Module 3) is expected to release next week! Take advantage of the introductory pricing before it expires on October 18th!