Window Fashion Vision - Runway Model Project - Red Hat Lady

The inspiration for the Music room came from the bright red dress and the variegated colors in the hat. Red is a favorite color for the client so I felt it had to be used for the music room.

The bottom of drape is full and flouncy like the bottom of the dress. The top to the drape has fullness in the tabs and the bands that pull the tabs together. At the bottom of the gathered bands is a soft feather that brings in just a touch of the hat. The pink body of the drape pulls just a touch of the variegated colors from the hat. The hardware, a simple brushed nickel finish with finials, it is minimal in the design making the focus the drape and its color. The leather chairs are fun and modern, and inspired by the solid red of the dress. In the corner of the room just out of sight is a baby grand piano with a black lacquer finish. The art in the room is from a young artist, my daughter, which was inspired by the black and red and the past. Everyone needs a music room, don’t you think.

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