Two Friends Join Forces in Jamestown, NC

After working at High Point Market all last week, Jerry and I were pretty exhausted. It was a 9-hour drive back to Tennessee, but luckily Beth Hodges had loaned us an audio book (The Appeal by John Grisham) that helped us pass the time. Thanks Beth!

Several members from the local WCAA chapter help staff our booth during High Point Market, all of which just happen to be raving Minutes Matter fans. Amy Gilbert and Amy Meineke are two of the members that have helped staff our booth for the past eight markets. This market, the Amys invited Jerry and me to visit their newly formed partnership venture in Jamestown, NC. Several months ago, Amy and Amy decided to join forces in a business called Window Works. Both of these women are dedicated and enthusiastic about our industry. I love to hear the passion in their voices when they speak about their business. A local magazine, Guilford Woman did a copy story on their business.

The reception area is decorated very tastefully.

The fabric studio was neat as a pin. This room would be very inviting and appealing to any client.

The office includes a dual desk for both of them to work. The only things I thought they needed to add to their office were dual monitors. Since we have added dual monitors to our office, we can have two or more programs viewable at all times. All you need to do is set your second monitor to be an extension of the primary monitor. I'll bet the next time I visit they both will have dual monitors sitting on their desks!

Their workroom is very well equipped and has all the necessary tools to fabricate any size job. When we arrived for our visit, they were adding trim to drapery panels.

Partnerships can be a challenge, however, these women seem to have done everything right. Great job!

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  1. Shop looks great; how nice you got to visit Deb and best of luck to Amy & Amy!!