Color Confidence

Hello everyone, it's me, Debbie Green with Minutes Matter. Here at Minutes Matter we are always on the prowl for things that make our jobs easier and help us to be more professional. Have you been looking for a way to gain color confidence? We have found the perfect class for you. The patent pending "Color with No Regrets Selection System" was created by decorating professionals for decorating professionals. It began when co-inventor, JoAnne Lenart-Weary went looking for an easy-to-use color system to teach to people who attended the other professional decorating classes she taught. She wanted a system that removed the subjective element and truly incorporated the science of color. After working with a few other "color experts," JoAnne decided she needed to invent her own as nothing else on the market seemed to suit the needs of a decorating professional. She tagged Cyndie Stefanik, a talented decorative painter who had appeared with JoAnne on her TV segments. Together, they created the patent-pending "Color with No Regrets Selection System."

The system combines a true concern for the client's color choices while encouraging the decorating professional to use color harmonies they might not have ever considered because they weren't their favorite colors. You will never ask the "What is your favorite color?" question again. Instead you will begin the process with the non-verbal color test and then continue with measuring the existing colors in a room using a specially marked color deck to truly identify the colors in a space and not just rely on a "good eye for color."

With this process, you can create individual Perfect Palettes for a client in each room that will help them to avoid color mistakes. "Our class begins by having students identify a piece of fabric and dubbing it with a color name," says Lenart-Weary. "We have found that 90% of our students identify it as the wrong color which throws off their entire selection process. Our system makes it easy to identify the correct color each and every time to create scientific color combinations that are dazzling."

Margie Nance, President of CHF Academy, said, "I have been in the business a lot of years and have attended many classes, workshops, etc. This color system blew me away. I have never seen anything like this. It is so easy and within minutes, I figured out what was wrong with the colors in my own office!"

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