The Best Fishing Hole

Here's something I've been doing for quite a while now, it really works... and it's FUN! It kind of reminds me of catching a fish! Here's how it works:

Organize Your Tackle Box:
When my pipeline starts to thin out, I make a list of all of my favorite clients - best clients, repeat clients, etc. Use whichever method of communication that works best for you when communicating with your client. In my business, I keep in touch using e-mail. This makes it easy for me, because within my e-mail, I have e-file folders for each client's name and I file all of my communications with them in those folders. Clients folders that were not my favorites, or were a challenge, or that I consider not to be worth the time that I had to invest with them, go into another category "NOT CURRENT". This makes it easy for me to locate the clients that I want to contact about new jobs.

Bait The Hook:
I send a personalized e-mail to each one. (Same idea, same content, just worded differently based on the relationship I have with that particular person.) I basically tell them that I'm now scheduling my fall calendar. I have a few openings and if they are interested in moving ahead on that "bathroom shade, master bedroom valance, duvet, table cover" (whatever it is that they might have mentioned to me during a past job) or if they have any projects for the home that they would like to begin, please let me know what day and time works best, so that we can meet to discuss.

Wait For A Bite:
This is the fun part. Try to relax and not check your e-mail for responses every 10 minutes. You're bound to get some jobs out of this! This is how I've filled up my pipeline the last two 'seasons' and I get so excited when I get a response. So far, this week, I've sent out 6 e-mails and only received one "No" that said they were out of home project money right now because they just added a wrap-around porch this summer. However, she would let me know when they need me for the next project. Even if this fish got away, I still kept my name in front of the client using this form of advertising. So far, I have received 4 potential jobs! One already asked for a ballpark estimate, the other three have schedules appointments the week after school starts - each mentioned specific projects that they would like for me to complete. I consider this a 'BITE'...

Reel Them In:
Now it's time to reel them in. Don't forget to get back to them to nail down a date to meet!

Catching The Big One:
When you get that deposit, you've caught one! The feeling is AMAZING! Have fun! Catch some clients! Oh, I forgot to mention that this (proven) method has cost me zero advertising dollars over the years.

~ Michelle Jamieson
Michelle Jamieson Interiors
Michelle Jamieson owns and operates a custom drapery and home furnishings workroom on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Michelle has quickly enhanced her sales process with the addition of Minutes Matter Studio. This design software took her business to another level and she even uses Studio when designing her marketing materials.

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