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Are you looking for something to set your business apart from others? Minutes Matter Studio design software can help; it's not just for drawing beautiful elevations and accurate floor plans! One of the myriad other uses is creating your own unique logo. Because Studio is a sophisticated graphics program with extensive drawing tools, it can be used to sketch anything you can imagine, add dimension with gradient fill, and add text in any font, size and color.

If your company focuses on window treatments, drag one of the beautifully detailed images from the Index and customize it with trim, banding, color or fabric, and decorative hardware. It can become a scaled down logo which you can then use to "brand" your company. Add that logo to everything, from stationery to invoices, renderings, business cards, store & vehicle signage, and even your email signature, to create a uniform, consistent image. You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to have a "corporate identity."

In our November '07 Design Challenge on The Lounge (Minutes Matter's interactive forum for Studio users) we examined familiar logos and what made them special and eye catching. Then we used Studio to design "copycat" logos for an imaginary interior design business. Read the complete thread here: The Lounge, Business Card Discussion.

In January '08 we explored marketing materials such as brochures and business cards ~ talented Studio Lounge members came up with some stunning ideas. Check it out: The Lounge, Marketing DiscussionOur Designer in the Spotlight, Tammy Horstead knew the look she wanted and was prepared to hire to a professional to tie it all together for her, but she also wanted to put her own touch on the all-important logo. She started with an open window and her tag line, "Creating a little piece of Heaven on Earth for your home" and then experimented with different window treatment styles, using the Studio images from the Index. Lipstick & Rouge, whom Debbie mentioned in an earlier newsletter, took Tammy's design and fashioned a complete look for Theodore's Custom Interiors.

We hope you'll make visiting the Lounge part of your weekly routine. It's always fun and inspiring to view what your colleagues are doing in our Success Stories forum. See imaginative renderings and how those "before" windows are transformed into contest winners and magazine features. And best of all, learn new ways to maximize your investment in Studio. Let the world see what you can create!

See you online!

Merlyn Corcoran
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