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Here is a story that you will find inspiring. As many of you know, I love teaching and sharing what I have learned and surprisingly enough my best students happen to be my granddaughters! Morgan is better known as MoMo and has just turned three. Maddie, also known as Boobaloo, is six years old. (Don't ask me how Maddie acquired her nickname as Casey has a knack for coming up with such things.)

In the Green family at six years old you are hopping on reading websites, typing out spelling words, and of course using a trackball mouse is a must! However, Maddie has developed a unique passion for a child her age; she loves to design Studio renderings. Maddie is so ready to travel to shows with us so we have had to promise her when she turns 16 she can go to conventions and learn what it takes to become the next company president.

Last month was her daddy’s birthday and we happened to be playing in Studio. Owen and Maddie are very close so she wanted to make him a gift that he would love! I suggested making him a rendering. If you know Owen, you know he's a big Tennessee Vols football fan, so his favorite color is orange! Maddie had the brilliant idea to create a Tennessee room - she raised her eyebrows and wiggled a bit to get straight in her chair and was ready to get to work. The above is the masterpiece that was created that day. Let me just say that I never touched the mouse, she did it all by herself! (I did suggest that she start out using one of our new wall templates which would save her a lot of time.) Since Maddie loves color, one of Maddie's favorite tools is the eyedropper tool. I gave her a few pointers along the way and told her how to add a pattern to the wall and lamp shade, and within 10 minutes her rendering was complete. When her daddy looked at her rendering, he started laughing thinking I had done the work but was amazed to find out Maddie had done it all by herself.

The moral of this story is Studio is best described by Maddie, “Studio is easy for me and it can be easy for you too!” Maddie has even recorded video to tell you her story. At the end of the video, we included some “Behind the Scenes” clips - let's just say Maddie was able to create the rendering much faster than the video.

I know many of you are thinking that working with computers just comes easy to kids. Well, the biggest difference between us and them is their mindset - they embrace technology and many of us tend to resist the change. As Maddie has shown you, anyone can learn to use Studio, and we are here to help you every step of the way! Try it Free for 30 days and you will see how easy Studio is to learn.

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Minutes Matter
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