New Studio Release!!! (Wall Templates & Jackie's 4th Module)

Want to close more sales? It's a proven fact, illustrating using the "Design In 5" technique is the key to making more and working less! Because your clients are thrilled with the presentation, they'll be compelled to show off their renderings to their co-workers and friends. This makes Studio 3.0 YOUR best marketing tool ever! Haven't tried Studio 3.0 yet? Click here for our 60-day free trial. Our tech support is the best in the industry! So what are you waiting for?

If you own Studio or you're using the trial version,
next time you open your program, you will receive a prompt alerting you there is an update available. Once the update is complete, we recommend confirming the latest update was installed; click Options > About MMStudio > (Build 3/2/2010). If you do not receive an update notification, email the office at info@minutesmatter.com for further assistance.

This update is for ALL Studio 3.0 users and contains enhancements as well as two modules:
  • NEW Images: Wall Templates (Over 30 Templates)
  • NEW Images: Jackie Von Tobel Module 4 (Over 260 New Designs)
  • Workspace|Canvas: Selected actual paper size (i.e., 8 1/2" x 11" or 8 1/2" x 14")
  • Printer Margins: Display printer margins under the View Tab > Workspace Options (dotted lines will appear)
  • Protection: Protect objects from Printing|Exporting using Image Components > Protect from Printing/Exporting
  • Dimension Tool: When using Dimension Tool, numbers no longer round to nearest 1/4"; dimensions are now exact
  • Image List: While viewing the Image List, right click on a component to identify a specific shape on the workspace
  • Updated Images: Several image enhancements
  • Misc: Miscellaneous program revisions and improvements
Remember, even though everyone will be able to see the Wall Templates and Jackie's designs, only those who have purchased these modules will be able to drag those images onto their workspace. It is easy to recognize the Wall Templates and Jackie Von Tobel images as they are the only images that have blue and turquoise text which makes it easy to distinguish them from the other images inside Studio.

It's here ... Jackie Von Tobel's Module Four is now available! There are over 250 gorgeous new designs for you to customize and use for your clients and they are only 77¢ per design!

If you haven't purchased this module yet, now is the time. Adding images to Studio will allow you to create renderings so much quicker. Remember, all full designs break-apart so you can mix and match to create a unique look. You can even save your unique illustrations to your custom tab or search for a specific design using Studio's search feature. Simply type in the page number and the program will locate the design for you. Module 4 sells for $197. To purchase this module, click HERE to be taken to our online shopping cart.

Jackie's books are the must-have resource for designers and workroom professionals. Both books are beautifully illustrated by Jackie Von Tobel. Each book contains over 1,000 illustrations.

Jackie Von Tobel is an award-winning interior designer with over twenty years of experience and a passion for design. She is a leading authority on soft treatment design and construction and travels extensively teaching at various trade shows, schools, and design centers across the country. Jackie is the author of the groundbreaking book The Design Directory of Window Treatments, and a member of the IFDA, WCAA, and is certified by the WFCP.

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