IDG & IDQ Certification Class at Camp Allen (Navasota, TX)

This photograph was taken during the Minutes Matter Studio Interior Design Graphic (IDG) Certification class at Camp Allen on Friday, March 5th. Most of the attendees had already had a full day on Thursday with the Interior Design QuickBooks & Quoting (IDQ) Certification class. After two intense days of learning, I am sure everyone slept great Friday night.

In the Studio certification class, we started out creating a rendering from scratch and then Designed on a Photograph using the Photo Clip tool to allow draperies to fall behind the sofa. Everyone loved learning that the Custom Index had so many different uses. We discussed the easiest and fastest way to file every item on a computer that pertains to a particular client.

On the spur of the moment, after class on Thursday, I decided to offer a bonus "Computer Class." I was inspired to offer the class after I noticed people were storing lots of items on their Desktop. I concentrated on proper filing and how to add items to their Taskbar. I helped everyone install FireFox and install Add-ons like Favicon. It seems most people experience fewer problems when Firefox is the default browser. A few of my other favorite Add-ons are Wise Stamp, After the Deadline and Evernote. All of us at Minutes Matter have switched to Firefox.

Everyone arrived early, ready and eager to learn how to maximize their use QuickBooks for their business.

Vickie started her class with "The Commandments of Quoting."

Thou Shalt Systematize for Profits
Thou Shalt start with a Group When Quoting
Thou Shalt NOT Edit Original Templates
Thou Shalt do "One a Day"
Thou Shalt Backup

We projected on the wall to make the screen as large as possible.

We have used all of our experiences with the IDG and IDG courses to develop QuickBooks and Studio Coaching programs. All three current Coaching sessions are full, however, we are currently accepting names for all Coaching sessions in the Fall. Signing up for Minutes Matter coaching programs will not only deepen your understanding of computers but will also give you an advanced skill level in accounting and/or graphic design.

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