It's All About Attitude!

Are you High Point bound for the Spring Market in April? If so, join me for this inspiring FREE seminar entitled It's All About Attitude. The seminar will be held in the IDS seminar room at 11:00 AM on Monday, April 19, 2010. Casey and I both believe anything is possible. Positive attitudes lead to open doors.

What does attitude really mean – it affects every hour of every day. Improving your attitude could be the single most important thing you do for your business. Happy organized people are optimistic and creative. Frustrated stressed people have a poor attitude and generally have little or no patience with people and worst of all, creativity can be totally stifled. In this seminar you will see, a change in attitude doesn't just happen by chance.

The IDS offices are located at 164 S Main Street, 8th Floor, High Point, NC 27260. Call the office for a complete listing of all the seminars during the High Point Spring Market (888) 884-4469.


  1. You know what I love best about you and Casey? Your attitudes! Debbie, you clearly have an incredible relationship with Casy and both of you know what it takes to form good relationships with your clients. You should be teaching this seminar!