Great turnout for Jackie Von Tobel & Studio Webinar

Yesterday we had record attendance for one of our webinars, and were pleased to "see" so many designers interested in learning more about how to use Jackie's designs in Studio. Congratulations to Pamela and Deborah on winning the $50 Minutes Matter Solutions gift certificates. I bet I know what they'll be using them for!

Internet savvy designers are realizing the possibilities of offering their services via email, including mood boards, floor plans, and suggested purchases. Studio makes this very convenient with Photo Clip and Photo Knockout tools built right into the program.

Please visit The Lounge, Studio's interactive Forum where you'll see answers to questions posed by attendees and some examples of elevation renderings and a floor plan for an Internet client's dining room, as well as how to save any designs you've created by mixing and matching components from the JVT modules.

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