What Can Helser Brothers' Website do for Studio Users?

While I was at the Vision09 Expo in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I visited with Mark & Jay Helser of Helser Brothers at their booth. While we were discussing all the amazing things that Studio 3.0 could do, Mark & Jay showed me their new website. I decided to do some experimenting with their hardware images. The photography of their hardware is superb and best of all (for Studio users) all the hardware has a clean white background. So with the help of Studio's Photo Knockout tool, I did a "Save Picture as" on a finial and a pole with my desired finish. I imported the finial into my Studio rendering and used the Photo Knockout tool which removed the white background from the image, second I imported the rod and used the Photo Knockout tool again. Then I simply re- sized the hardware to the actual size. I used Studio's dimension tool to get the size accurate. Even though the photograph of the rod is a small segment, I was able to stretch it to the width I needed without any problem.

In the rendering below, I selected their Boca finial in the Manchester finish. Since their website is new all of the finishes are not available online yet. Currently, you can only view and save the displayed finish. However, in two months all of the finishes will be available on their website. Wow, getting the actual finish on Helser Brothers hardware in Studio, how cool is that? Want to see for yourself? Download Studio 3.0 today for a free 30 day trial! Click on the Free Trial icon next to Kate.

The window treatment design is one of Jackie Von Tobel's designs. This design is included in Studio's first Jackie Von Tobel module. It's the Cowled Flag Drapery with Banding.


  1. I'm so glad to see Minutes Matter & Helser Brothers together! I love their hardware and it looks great on that treatment.

  2. All of the designers in Phoenix love Helser Brothers - so I am delighted to know how to put their hardware in my designs - since it's just about the only hardware I use.

    Debra Rogers
    Nelson Rogers Designs