Stretch Your Advertising Dollars ~ Wrap Your Company Vehicle!

Wrapping your vehicle is an inexpensive and an easy way to advertise your business. We wrapped our Dandelion vehicle for around $600. We designed this simple wrap ourselves. The company you contract to wrap your vehicle will help guide you with any necessary adjustments. And, of course, they have a graphic software that will allow you to see the finished product before you sign on the dotted line.

Clients mention they see our vehicle all around town. Marketing is all about having people remember your company. A vehicle wrap helps your company stay top of mind with people in your community.

We drive it everywhere ~ it is free advertisement!! (Once you pay for it) We have had our wrap for a little over a year.

We do have commercial tags for our vehicle. I think a company might be required to have commercial tags if they add a wrap to a vehicle.


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