Have You Made the Connection?

When you purchase software, you will find that tech support can be one of the most valuable features included in the software. Online forums are the newest and fastest way to get questions answered for almost any software. When a user posts a question on a forum, that question remains there for other users to read at any time, day or night. Since entrepreneurs often work odd hours, visiting a forum is the perfect solution for a small business. One of the biggest benefits to online forums is finding answers to questions you didn't even know to ask. You can connect with your peers in the industry to find tons of helpful information that will apply to your business.

If you own Minutes Matter's QuickBooks & Quoting, we have already registered you in our private QuickBooks forum. Or, you can open your Internet browser to http://www.minutesmatter.com/ Click on "Education & Support", and then select "QuickBooks Forum". You will need your username and password to log in. If this is your first visit to the forum, your username will be your first and last name with a space. Your password is the first three letters of your company name and the date of your receipt (no spaces.) If you encounter any difficulty in logging in simply send an email (info@minutesmatter.com) or call (800-343-0616) the office and we will be happy to help you log in to the forum.

Once you have logged in you will see the screen below:

All online forums are divided into sub-forums. The sub-forums are where you can post a question or simply read posts from other users and their responses. A great place to start is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. There's a wealth of information there so come on in and let us help you with all of your QuickBooks questions.

For Studio users, there is another forum called "The Lounge" which is open to the public. You can read posts on this forum without registering, however, if you would like to post a question or download a file you will be required to register.

At Minutes Matter, we find that people who take advantage of our online forums receive the maximum benefits of our software. We often ask people, "Would you rather take two hours to complete a task or 30 minutes?" The answer is obvious, everyone wants to perform tasks the fastest and the most efficient way possible. The only way it is possible for a software user to use a software efficiently is to take advantage of the available tech support options.

Minutes Matter has two fabulous forums one "The Community" for QuickBooks & Quoting and "The Lounge" for Studio. If you haven't visited our forums, take time now to get involved on a regular basis, we are always coming up with something new and exciting!

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