Vision 09 International Window Coverings Expo ~ Atlanta, GA

The Vision 09 International Window Coverings Expo in Atlanta was a great place to be last week. Everyone that attended seminars, visited the exhibit hall and the Construction Zone was thrilled with the new things they learned. This conference will be in Atlanta again next year.

It took me a couple of days to recoup from the event. I was involved in conducting five seminars which included, IDG Certification for Studio, QuickBooks Road Map, Gain More Clients with Technology, Design in Five and Fabrication Techniques with Studio and of course, meet and greet people in our booth.

The IDG Certification for Studio class was a huge success. This class was a five hour computer lab class where everyone in the class worked on the same project. I have to say I am thrilled to see our industry is getting better and better with their computer skills. Our next IDG & IDQ classes are scheduled on July 24th & July 25th in Nashville, TN.

Bright and early Thursday morning, Vickie Ayres and I conducted a four hour QuickBooks Road Map class on Thursday morning. Team teaching is so much fun, if one instructor forgets to mention a point the other instructor steps right in; Vickie nor I are shy. We demonstrated how a QuickBooks user would handle an entire job from start to finish the Minutes Matter way and if you know us you know we only take you down the Super Fast Highway.

Thursday evening I conducted a social networking class "Gain More Clients with Technology." I covered Blogs, Twitter & Facebook in this one hour seminar. Shannon Flaherty with Window Fashion Vision gave me the auditorium to conduct the class so we could handle a lot of people, all I can say is WOW. I want that arrangement every time I conduct a seminar. The screen was huge and the seats were cushy; I was afraid my audience would go to sleep on me. I will post another blog with more highlights on this seminar. While I was doing the seminar, there were several attendees tweeting about the presentation ~ too cool!

On Friday, I presented two short 20 minute demonstrations. First, was our famous "Design in Five" concept. This unique concept teaches Studio users how to present two design concepts on a laptop in front of a client in five minutes. When people learn how to use this technique their sales always increase. In the second demonstration, I tag teamed with Pam Damour in a short 20 minute demo on how many of the top treatment designs in Studio can be fabricated using her templates. Pam was in charge of cordinating all the speakers in the Construction Zone. There were continous 20 minute presentations during the three days the exhibit hall was open and best of all they were FREE!!

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