The Relevant Classics: Kristin Drohan

This article by Kristin was posted on Decorati's site today. Kristin is an interior designer who designed her very own furniture line, which launched last spring at High Point Market, with Minutes Matter Studio. Her style of furniture is unusual, comfortable and beautiful. Way to go Kristin!

Here's the post:

Keep reading to learn how Kristin Drohan designs invigorating environments filled with color and texture balanced with functionality and eco-awareness.

How would you describe your design style?

My design style is relevant classic traditional. I provide my clients with timeless style that functions for today. My spaces are edited neutral backdrops where accessories provide color, texture and personality. Having lived all over the US (7 cities in 17 years of marriage), I’ve been influenced by various geographic regions, so I have a lot of “likes”.

What do you do, or where do you go, for inspiration?

Designers will tell you, travel provides inspiration. I agree, but I also get lots of inspiration from High Point and Maison Objet (Design Trade Shows). Traveling with my design peers and attending industry market shows, is so stimulating. You get completely invigorated by the creativity at these forums. I love that energy and try to attend several each year.

What is your favorite furniture piece of all time ? How were you able to use it in a particular project?

I love the Allie bed from my Kristin Drohan Collection. I have it in my own bedroom. It is one of my top selling pieces. A Chippendale wing back chair I inherited from my Grandmother provided the inspiration for the design. I upholstered it in a high performing eco vinyl for durability, but it still maintains a luxurious look. (See above)

In your opinion, what makes a great room?

In order to have a great room, I think you need an efficient space plan, an interesting focal point, accurate proportion and scale, a mix of old and new, and items with various price points.

What is your favorite Benjamin Moore paint color to use for walls, ceiling, and trim?

My favorite Benjamin Moore walls colors are HC 28 Shelburne Buff, HC 29 Dunmore Cream, HC 34 Wilmington Tan, and HC 144 Palladian Blue. I use Decorator or Atrium White for Trim and do 10 to 25 percent of the wall color for the ceiling. Most of my clients have kids and dogs so I use an eggshell finish. Eggshell goes on smooth, cleans up easily, and doesn’t look chalky.

Is it lifestyle that has generated the design changes, or is design the driving force that affects how we live?

Lifestyle defines product design. Considering how someone lives is crucial to designing a space that fits their needs. If a space is gorgeous but your client doesn’t use it, is a big design failure. All of my furniture designs in the Kristin Drohan Collection were based on a functional client need I could not find in the market place.

Do you see part of your role as designer being that of educator, expanding your clients’ awareness of green products? How informed do you feel you are on the subject?

Designers are the ultimate educators in green products. Being one of the first 100 Interior Designers in the US to be a Green Accredited Professional, I’m passionate about the subject but also realistic. I think a related goal is providing d├ęcor choices that are safe and made in America. Avoiding products that are manufactured with high levels of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and supporting our US economy is a responsible choice designers should make.

What is the ultimate goal of all your projects?

The ultimate goal of all my projects is to improve or enhance my clients’ lives. If I can provide them with an environment that improves their lifestyle and provides comfort, I have done my job.

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  1. Thanks for the interview, she is a great designer, love her style !