One on One Consultations

Did you know that Minutes Matter offers private sessions with Studio and QuickBooks trainers? If you have been meaning to learn more about either of these software programs but don't have the time to take one of our Coaching Programs or can't carve out an hour or so in the middle of the day to attend a webinar, this is the solution!

Missing files? Project that needs tweaking? We can provide assistance with your computer as it relates to our software and help with your interior design renderings and floor plans or QuickBooks codes and financial reports.

Yesterday I worked with a designer who had limited Studio experience. Within one hour we had imported a photo of the client's room, rescaled it to match the actual dimensions, downloaded and cropped a fabric from a vendor's website, added a wall of sheer draperies and an inverted pleat top treatment in that cropped fabric with contrast insert, photo clipped the sofa, and learned a few techniques along the way such as duplicating, aligning, filling with pattern, and measuring with the dimension line tool.

And the designer did all the work while I guided her. This is a fantastic way to learn hands-on; you don't forget it if you actually do it, rather than watching someone else demonstrate. Best of all, we recorded the session so that she will be able to play it back and review what we had covered.

I'm sure the Countess of QuickBooks, Vickie Ayres, and Anna Davis, our Success Coach, can recount similar experiences with their consultations.

Schedule an hour or more by calling the office at 800.343.0616 or click on this link to our shopping cart:


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