Hunter Douglas moves to the clouds!

I subscribe to Google's blog so it comes right to my inbox. You know me, I like to be "in the know." I quickly skim over the blog posts gleaning any pertinent information that might be useful to us. I thought it was interesting that Hunter Douglas (read the article) was listed as a company that was moving to the clouds.

Below is an excerpt from Google's blog two days ago. Looks like lots of businesses are packing their bags and moving to clouds.

"Who’s gone Google?

Recently we’ve seen a surge in new public sector customers—including the Administrative Conference of the United States, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the City of Rochester Hills. These organizations are not only saving taxpayer dollars with Google Apps, but also boosting the productivity of their ranks.

More than 50,000 businesses have also started using Google Apps in the last three weeks. Pithy Little Wine Co., DeyFischer Consulting, Manna on Main Street and Hunter Douglas are just a few of the businesses we’ve profiled recently who are are going 100% web."
In the last six months Google has added some major enhancements to their Calendar, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google presentations. I especially like how they made it easier to share all Google files. You can choose to share a Google file with one person, a group of people, make the document public or keep it totally private. Below is an example of an email that is sent to the person you are sharing the document with. In this example, I am sharing a presentation with just one design client, all the client needs to do is click on the hyperlink to view the presentation.

I absolutely love the ability to have all these documents online and in a central location. I don't use Excel or Word anymore, I have given all that up and moved to Google Apps. We've been in the clouds for over a year now and loving every minute of it. I can access all of our information from my Mac desktop, my Dell Laptop, my iPhone or my iPad.

Could life get any easier or better?

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