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I am so excited to be the instructor for the brand new Minutes Matter Studio Coaching programs. In early 2004 (six years ago!!) I downloaded the first trial version of Studio 1.0 and immediately fell in love. I didn't even wait the thirty days to purchase it, and just went to work learning all I could about how to use it. Since August of that year I have been hosting the Studio webinars to teach others about how to make this software work for their businesses, and each month I am delighted and gratified by how many new "converts" we have, especially those who are new to computers and had to learn the basics about using a mouse, file saving and copying and pasting before they could delve into designing. Studio truly is fun to use, and easy to learn, once you commit to spending some time practicing.

Now we have the opportunity to share in depth all the tools and features which make the renderings come alive. For new users, we have the Novice Level, so that we can go slowly and make sure that each designer "gets it" before going on to build on what they've learned. For more experienced users, who've mastered the basics, we can explore all the tips and techniques that will help them create renderings which their clients will love so much they'll show their friends. And nothing is better than word of mouth!

During and after every Getting Started with Studio webinar we get questions about how to add an outdoor scene, draw shadows and highlights, make the fabric look realistic, import accessories and furnishings, work in perspective, and add those special touches which amaze clients. With the Coaching Program we'll be able to share all these secrets to making your presentation the most professional it can be.

Those who know me from the Drapery & Design Professional Network forums know how much I enjoy sharing and teaching. I am really looking forward to working with Studio designers who are ready to take their businesses to the next level by offering a specialized service which will set them apart from their competitors.

Not sure which level you should take? If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Click here to register now for the Novice Level!
Click here to register now for the Advanced Level!

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