New Learning CDs

Along with the launching of Minutes Matter Studio 3.0, we are recording Learning CDs so that you can make the most out of your learning experience! Merlyn Corcoran, our Minutes Matter University Instructor, has shared her her design insight in the first of four Learning CDs releasing this year. (We will also be releasing Learning CDs for our QuickBooks lovers!) Look for more to come!!!!


  1. I LOVE the colors and design!!! Who designed these?

  2. I know, they are just perfect!!! All the Minutes Matter marketing materials are produced by Laureen Ameye and me (Casey Green). We make a great team if I do say so myself!

  3. Jackie that you had a spare minute to call me , touches me completely, I am so impressed with the book which will get enormous use I guarantee you and with the personal touch you put into all of it..I've put you on the blogroll and will be watching your progress closly. All my very best with the launch!!