A New Way To Communicate

The future technology that has begun to transform the way we communicate has now arrived. Instead of using telephone sets that transmit analog signals, VoIP converts these signals to digital chunks or packets. These are reconverted to audio data when it reaches the recipient. The entire transmission happens over the Internet. With the major developments in VoIP services and broadband Internet access, you now have this technology available to you!

Minutes Matter Innovative Solution:As you know Minutes Matter takes pride in growing and adapting through our innovative solutions. We are delighted to announce that we have upgraded our webinar service to include Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which allows you communicate in our presentations, webinars, and courses attended via your computer. If you previously incurred long distance toll call charges while attending a webinar, you can now free up your phone and get free audio connection via the Internet! You must have Broadband Internet access such as cable or DSL, and all you need to add is an Internet headset! We recommend logging on about ten minutes ahead of time to ensure your place and allow the software to download to your computer. The VoIP connection happens once you enter the meeting site.

Headset Recommendations:After much research, here are my recommendations on how to get the most out of this free service! Look for an Internet headset that can be plugged into the front of your desktop tower, or your laptop, in the USB ports. They may be hidden behind a door on the tower. The headset needs to have both speakers (earpieces) and an attached microphone, otherwise you will be able to listen to a webinar but not be able to ask questions or talk. The following Internet-ready headsets under $50 can be purchased at office supply, discount, electronic and camera stores, or on line:

Logitech - ClearChat Style Premium Behind-the-Head PC Headset Model: 981-000018 $27.99 at Best Buy, $24.98 at StaplesPlantronics MX500i 3-in-1 VoIP Headset $49.99 at Office MaxGigaware Wrap-Around USB Headset/Microphone-Skype/VOIP Model: 43-203 $24.99 at Radio ShackLogitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headphones Model: 981-000014 $39.99 at Radio ShackLogitech Internet Clear Chat Headset Model: 981-000018 $24.99 at Radio Shack Jasco GE Deluxe Headset with Detachable Microphone and Desktop Stand$14.99 at Circuit CityCreative Microphone HeadsetModel #: CL MZ0120$39.99 at Circuit CityGN Netcom GN-2010ST Monaural Over-The-Head Phone Headset, Silver (Item # 628670) $38.99 at Office DepotPlantronics M214i 3-in-1 VolP Headset$31.55 at Amazon.com

Logitech Premium Stereo Headset with Noise-Canceling Microphone $14.99 at Amazon.com Philips SHM3300/37 Lightweight Multimedia Headset $14.99 at Amazon.comI bought this one, and found it to be comfortable with excellent sound quality, GE Internet Headset 95701 for $19.99 at TargetCamera stores such as Ritz, Wolf, or Camera World all sell headsets.

VoIP Services:The beauty of having this headset is you can then use it for business or personal calls by setting up your own VoIP account with a company such as Skype or Google or Buddy Talk. You can make free calls to contacts with the same service; there is usually a charge for making calls to "traditional" phones. Here are some links to their sites with more information:http://www.skype.com/http://www.google.com/talk/ http://www.buddytalk.com/ We hope you'll be able to join us on line for one or more of our information-packed learning opportunities. Check the listings on our website under Support for our QuickBooks & Quoting and Studio webinar and course schedules.

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