Four Great Ways to Use Twitter for Your Design Business

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Have you signed up for an account with Twitter? If not, you should sign now and secure your company name and your personal name. I know what you're thinking, I don't care what people are eating for dinner or when they are going to sleep. And you're right most people don't care about that type of chatter. Twitter is much more than when people are eating or when they are sleeping. I use Twitter for multiple reasons and I keep finding more ways all the time.
My top four reasons to use Twitter:
  • Search a topic: Twitter is a great vehicle to search a what people are saying on a specific topic or product. Almost EVERY business has a Twitter handle. (That's definitely a reason you should sign up for a Twitter account today, if you haven't already.)
  • Your website: For those of you that have new and updated website, you can add your Twitter feed on the homepage of your website. Your homepage will always feel fresh and up to date. You never know when a visitor might see a Tweet that peaks their interest. It might prompt them to pick up the phone an make an appointment. Best of all Tweeting is free! Your clients will begin to know, like and trust you through Tweeting. See screenshot of our new Minutes Matter website. Casey is working hard again!
  • What's happening at a conference? Hashtags are another great way to use Twitter. Attending a seminar, market, convention or trade show? Search to see if the event has created a hashtag. Using a hashtag is totally different than following someone on Twitter. Here's how they work. Say that you were attending an event and the event promoted the hashtag #hpfall (High Point Fall Market) every Tweet that includes #hpfall will be organized and listed into that specific search. Say you're at a conference and the presenter has some great tips or inspiring ideas; you could Tweet what you think; don't forget to include the hashtag. Everyone that searches the hashtag can see all those Tweets. When lots of people are Tweeting during a conference using the same hashtag, people that aren't able to attend the conference could get a glimpse of what's happening at the conference and what they are missing. The next conference Minutes Matter is attending will be the WCAA Inspire 2011 conference. Hopefully, they are reading this ezine and will create the hashtag #wcaainspire hint, hint!! We have created a hashtag for our monthly webinars. If you didn't receive your webinar confirmation or have a question or comment during the webinar you can Tweet using the #mmwebinar hashtag. We'll be monitoring the hashtag during every webinar as well as one hour prior to the webinar. Here's an example of a Tweet using a hashtag: I'm trying to join the Studio Live webinar today, HELP! #mmwebinar
  • Vendor Help! Tweet a question to a vendor, post a concern (be nice), or better yet give a testimonial. Recently, I was having trouble with my Comcast Business internet. I Tweeted: "@comcast My internet has been intermittent for two weeks. Hard to do business!" A tech had already come and gone trying to correct the issue, but couldn't find the problem. After my Tweet, I received a reply within 30 minutes, asking me to email them with more details. I emailed them the details, my area Comcast supervisor called me personally and dispatched three techs to come out the next day. I now have the supervisor's cell phone number. Love that! I am happy to report my internet issues seems to be a thing of the past. Of course, I also Tweeted about their great customer service.

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I usually try to Tweet one - three times a day. Of course, you'll want to keep your Tweets short and sweet because you're only allowed 140 characters per Tweet. I love using Seesmic, I can view most of my social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all in one place.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter search @minutesmatter. Have a question or comment about Studio or need to get activated? Tweet us!

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