A Smart Way to Backup Your Files

Setting up a backup system to backup your company files is one of the most important projects a business can do. Have you ever felt the horror of losing all your files? I hope not. That would be a terrible situation for any business owner. It consumes massive amounts of time and creates an enormous amount of stress. With that being said, if you don't have a good backup system in place this email will be the most important document you'll read this week.

All of us at Minutes Matter use Dropbox to backup and protect our files. Dropbox is a slightly different type of backup system. I save and store all of my files to a folder in Dropbox. You simply setup a filling system like you would in Documents. All files inside the Dropbox folder are stored/saved locally on our computer. Here's how the magic begins; once I save a file, Dropbox automatically syncs that file to my Dropbox account on their server in the clouds. Now, when I purchase a new device such as a new desktop computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone I simply install the Dropbox software on my new device and immediately my new device begins the sync process.

Why is this better than other backup systems? Most backup systems don't store a local copy of your files on your computer. When your files are locally stored on your computer, you can access your files faster and you don't need a internet connection to access/restore your files.

Here's why I love Dropbox in a nutshell! On my desktop computer, I can save a file for a client (a Studio Rendering or a proposal from QuickBooks in pdf format) to my Client folder in Dropbox and instantly it syncs to my Dropbox account in the clouds and then it syncs to my laptop, iPad and iPhone. Within minutes I have access to that file on all of my devices. Dropbox also allows you to share files or entire folders with partners, family or friends. That is just about everything you need or want in a backup system.

Finally, an easy way to save and store files to a central location. You can access your files from anywhere and from any device and with or without an internet connection. Are you beginning to see possibilities and benefits?

Two scenarios how Dropbox can be a great solution for your business:

Create a document on your desktop computer at the office, then at home later that night access that same file from your laptop computer.
Create a document on your laptop computer at home. Ask your partner/design assistant to look at the document and make any necessary changes from their computer.

You can access your Dropbox files easily on a Mac or a PC. Install the Dropbox software then click on the Dropbox icon.

Dropbox icon on a Mac (right side on top menu bar next to the clock)

Dropbox icon on a PC (right side on bottom taskbar next to the clock)

Are you wondering the price of this wonderful software? You can sign up for their free account which gives you 2GB of space. Once you determine the value of this unique backup system and want to save and store all your files in Dropbox you can sign up for a paid account. They have two levels $99 per year for 50GB and $199 per year for 100GB. We use the first paid level at $99 per year.

Share Dropbox with your partners, employees, friends and family and they get an extra 250MB of storage space free and you also get an extra 250MB for sharing with your friends.

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  1. Having a backup is a no brainer! It should be the first thing that you have in your computer! For a business, you must have a backup system that automatically backs up all your important files. There are cloud backups that only allow manual backup. If you have automatic backup, it can give you so much time to focus on your business.
    -Williams Data Management