Do They Know What You Do?

During my morning reading today, I read a very thought provoking blog that Jane Pollak wrote. Jane titled her blog What You Don't See. As you read you kinda chuckle, thinking about the people you know or really don't know. Maybe we really don't know how much knowledge our friends possess on a specific subject or how amazing they are in their field of expertise. Which brings me to Jane's final question . . .

Do Your Clients Know How Good You Really Are?

If you don't tell them who will? Many of our clients have only seen a limited scope of our skills and talent. It is easy to share little bits and pieces of your knowledge with your clients and potential clients. All you need to do is begin writing weekly newsletters or blogs. Make sure your articles automatically feed to Facebook and Twitter. Remember, your articles should be short, sweet and have photographs. Many times longer articles are put on the back burner to read later, when the reader has more time. When will that be?

Jane you're right, your friend Katie Settel is a remarkable photographer. I love the theme song she selected for her website Just Like Heaven by Katie Melua. To read Jane's entire article click here. . .

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