First Class -- All the Way!

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Yesterday marked the last day of our inaugural Studio Coaching Program. These jam-packed six week courses have been structured to give Novice and Advanced users an intense program of supervised, interactive study, including homework, critiques and focused topics.

It was so gratifying to me to work with our twenty designers and observe how they progressed. Many had no experience at all with the Studio Graphic Design software. Over the weeks, they became familiar with the tools and functions of the software and created beautiful elevation renderings and designs on photos. The advanced group learned innovative techniques to produce faster, more refined drawings, including perspective views. Both groups developed polished looking logo templates to brand their businesses and add a professional finish to their projects.

Above and below are two examples of the drawings that were submitted as part of the weekly assignments.

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We were thrilled with the feedback we received from an anonymous survey; here are some of the comments:
“I like the entire concept of the on line webinar. I like the homework critiques, very helpful. I like the pace; allows me enough time to “get it” and jot down a few reminder notes. Also, love the ability to listen to the recordings in order to refresh my overloaded brain!”

“This advanced coaching class is worth every penny!”

“Reviewing information, such as when other students experience similar difficulties.”

“I am very pleased with the novice coaching program. So far it has met all my expectations.

“Being able to play it back to supplement my notes. I do hope we’ll have access to those for a bit.”

We have scheduled two new sessions beginning in August for both Novice and Advanced Studio Designers, and will also offer a 90 minute computer class for those who need to learn more about operating their computer in preparation for working in Studio. The Coaching Program class size is limited to 10 to provide individual attention with coaching via email, private forum on The Lounge, and phone calls in addition to the on line presentations.

Call the office or visit the website for more information or to register.
Click here for the Novice class
Click here for the Advanced class

Our “First Class” was just that – first class all the way. They will be a hard act to follow. We look forward to helping you take your Studio skills to the next level!

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