Minutes Matter Booth Redesign was a Big Hit in High Point!

In High Point last week, we debuted our new booth redesign. We definitely stood out from the crowd. We moved to the ground floor of the Suites of Market Square (G-4029.) The new colors and sleek design attracted lots of people and lots of compliments.

Six weeks ago, Jerry asked what color(s) do you guys want to paint the booth. Casey got right to work on the design which included the new colors and our shopping girl. Ten days later Casey and I had a total redesign. It seems when you change one thing it ALWAYS leads to another. All of us that worked in the booth felt more efficient and l more organized with all of our new storage.

The attendees loved our mini theater. They could rest their feet and eat popcorn while they watched our seven minute video showing how Studio is the perfect visualization and marketing tool for their business.

Casey had a sofa in the original design, but we decided we had to stop somewhere. I did see several white leather sofas that would be perfect. Maybe in 2011!

All the kiosks and cabinetry were custom built. The TV kiosks were a quite the conversational piece, one vendor asked for Jerry's AutoCAD drawing. The TV kiosks were 48" wide x 96" tall x 10" deep and did I mention really heavy? As we lifted the kiosks up into place, I was so scared I would let my side slip and the whole thing would fall, damage the kiosk and/or break the TV. Jerry did some research on the Internet and discovered that Craters and Freighters would pickup, crate and ship our custom cabinets to High Point and promised they would be delivered in perfect condition. We were blown away with how well our cabinets were packed. They arrived without one scratch. The new polished concrete floors made it very easy to move the cabinets into place.

We loved the white stools and pull out trays for our keyboards and extra storage.

Jackie had lots of fans stop by to see her and get their Design Directory of Window Coverings book autographed.

Come see us in High Point at the fall market October 16 - 21, 2010.


  1. Your booth was awesome and I enjoyed meeting you and your husband and Jackie !

  2. I'm a "Johnny-come-lately" to your beautiful blog! Tell Jackie thanks for posting about you so I could find you. I'm looking forward to reading old post and learning more. I love your booth design, and if you come to the Dallas Market shows, let us know. I'll be the first to find you there.
    I'd love for you to stop by my new blog, www.divinedistractions.blogspot.com and see what you think. Glad to know you!

  3. Thanks guys, it was really a treat to work in our booth at High Point this year. Great design with fun colors makes it easier to work those long hours.

    Sally, I visited your blog and had to make myself stop reading this morning. I think my other readers would enjoy your blog. In fact, it gave me an idea for an ezine article. I could feature a couple of blogs that I find interesting. I'll contact you after I get back from my next show in Atlanta May 12th - 15th to discuss.

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I, too, enjoyed your High Point booth!! It was certainly eye catching - clean, sleek, colorful. Now that I am back and re-grouping, I am eager to explore your product and see how it will work in my business!!! I'll be in touch after Atlanta market!