Power of I: Secret #3 Revealed

This week, we are wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and we are also sharing Secret #3, "The Power of Consistent Communication" from our upcoming project, "The Power of I." Keeping your name in front of your clients on a regular basis is the key to keeping your company "Top of Mind."

How easy would it be to keep your name in front of your clients if you had numerous pre-made postcard templates? What a time saver; you could literally get this done in a matter of minutes.The rendering above is just ONE example of a postcard included in the "Power of I" that could be emailed, added to your blog or Facebook, or actually printed and mailed to your clients. The rendering not only shows off your skills as a designer but as a graphic artist as well.

We will be sharing several other secrets prior to the release of "The Power of I." Be sure to check your email so you don't miss a secret. Did you miss Secret #1 or Secret #2? All secrets are posted on our blog as they are released. You can search our blog and use the keyword "Secret" to find them all.

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