New Studio 3.0 Update ~ Coming Soon!

We have a surprise for our Studio 3.0 users! Our Studio 3.0 users are thrilled with the break-apart designs however, several of our prior 2.4 users would like to see the components added back into 3.0 to give them even greater flexibility. As always, we listen to our customers and are adding many components back into Studio 3.0 (at no charge) in an update. We are adding Swags, Top Treatments and drapery components. The exact release date of that update hasn't been determined, but we are working hard to make it happen very soon. We will keep you updated. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don't miss the latest news!

We have also color coded all of Jackie Von Tobel images. This will make it easy to spot her designs. Everyone will be able to hover over them to view them but only those that have purchased JVT modules will be able to drag them to the workspace. Click on the screenshot above to enlarge the image to view a sample of the color coding.

Everyone that has Studio 3.0 installed on their computer will receive a pop-up notification window asking if you would like to install the new update. Be sure to say "YES."

We have postponed the release of Jackie's 2nd module since we decided to add components to this update. Would you like to see all the images in Jackie's 2nd module? Click here to visit "The Lounge", Anna has done a screenshot of all the images included in this module.

Remember, all Studio 3.0 users have the ability to save items to their Custom Tab. I absolutely love this new feature. Also, don't forget about our Search feature: right click on a main category e.g., Draperies and type in scallop as your search word. Boy, there is a lot of those. Do the same in Swags & Valances and search for empire. You will notice over to the right a gray index will appear, which indicates Studio is searching. The index will turn white and search results will be displayed.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions you may have regarding our upcoming update.

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