Its Here! ~ FREE Update for Studio 3.0

The past several months have been really exciting at Minutes Matter, but that was just the beginning. We are committed to look for new and better ways to improve our products, Studio is no exception. We have had our programmers make several enhancements that will make using Studio even easier!

If you already have Studio 3.0 installed, you will receive a pop-up window letting you know there is an update to Studio. All you need to do is click "OK" and the Studio installer will do the rest.

  • The "Searchable Manual" has been updated
  • The Index Search function has been optimized, making it much faster
  • Users who have not purchased the furniture module will be able see the images, but not drag them over
  • Users have the ability to save Studio to a custom location during initial Studio installation
  • Multiple categories were added to the Custom tab
  • The Quick Access Toolbar has been rearranged: click on the down arrow > More Commands > Reset
  • Custom image graphic previews created on the Custom Tab have been enhanced
  • Print Preview has been removed; use Zoom To Fit Page to produce the same results
  • The Dimension Line is defaulted to a straight line; hold the shift key down to create a diagonal dimension line
  • Updated Text in Image Index
  • The Pushpin on the index has been removed to prevent closing Image Index accidentally
  • The New Document workspace is defaulted to "Zoom To Fit Page" view

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