Studio 3.0 - Find out why it is a "Must Have" for your business!

Over 3,000 hours have been invested into designing, developing, and illustrating Studio 3.0. Here are a few of the exciting features and functions that are included in this new release.

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~ Studio 3.0 ~

  • FREE!! All M'Fay & Pate Meadows Images Included: The latest illustrations from M'Fay Patterns & Pate Meadows collections are INCLUDED in Studio 3.0. Other software companies charge hundreds of dollars for a single M'Fay module; the result is a cost of nearly $5.00 per design!

  • Exclusive Photo Scale Tool: This unique tool automatically adjusts the Drawing Scale just by knowing a dimension in a photograph.

  • Exclusive "Step System:" A systematic process to quickly create renderings.

  • Custom Index: Add your own custom design(s) or image(s) to the Main Index.

  • Applied Trim: Trim has been applied to many of the Quick Designs to make illustrating even faster.

  • One-Click Trim: Add trim to the drapery panel lead edges in only one click.
  • Sleek New Look: Studio 3.0 has a new customized look. This sleek new design includes ribbon toolbars similar to the 2007 version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

  • Quick Access Toolbar: Customize this toolbar to include your favorite features and functions.

  • Icon Preview: Thumbnails images magnify when you hover over the image with your mouse without decreasing your workspace.

  • Automatic Backup: Studio 3.0 includes an Automatic Backup feature to prevent accidentally losing your project.

  • Ruler Bar Settings: Ruler bars can now be set in either feet, inches or centimeters.
  • Professionally Illustrated Images: All Studio images have been completely re-illustrated to bring you fabulous, totally new, designer images.
  • Pre-filled Images: All images are pre-filled with a neutral color palette to create a bigger impact when using the innovative "Design-in-5" technique.

  • Drop Shadow Tool: Easily add a drop shadow to Studio images.

... we've saved the best for last... the release of a Jackie Von Tobel Window Treatment Module!

***Click here to download Studio 3.0 now!***

~ Jackie Von Tobel Window Treatments (Module 1) ~
In addition to launching a new version of Studio, we will also be releasing the first of four modules from the must have resource, The Design Directory of Window Treatments by Jackie Von Tobel. Studio will be the ONLY graphic software program to offer these illustrations! Now you will have the ability to customize Jackie's renderings to meet your client's needs! All four Jackie Von Tobel Window Treatment Modules will be released throughout 2009. Module 1 includes . . .

  • An assortment of designs taken from The Design Directory of Window Treatments.

  • Over 250 full designs are included in the first module and over 375 total images; making it less than .47 cents per image!

  • Important: Studio 3.0 upgrade is required to install the Jackie Von Tobel Modules. Studio 2.0 and Studio Lite 2.0 users are not eligible to add the Jackie Modules to their existing program.

Studio 3.0 (Upgrade): $247
JVT (Module 1): $197

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Don't own Studio yet? Now is a great time to get on board! Not only will you receive our latest version Studio 3.0, you'll also have the chance to pre-order the first Jackie Von Tobel Window Treatment Module at the introductory offer!

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  1. Hi I'm a user of Minutes Matter 3.0 I was wondering how to create a custom logo. If you can please tell me it would be of great help. You can contact me at ella@ellaswindowfashion.com