NEW!!! Custom Blog Design by Minutes Matter!

As you can see blogging is a great way to create relationships with your clients. When you're ready to begin, we will help you eliminate the "look-alike template" by creating a unique design to match your company's branding. Our services also include setting up your Gmail and Blogger accounts, enhance the functionality to make your blog user friendly, and learn tips to rank higher on search engines! The best news is you can just sit back and relax while we do all the work!

Custom Blog Design services include:
  • Easy Setup: Set up accounts with Google and Blogger. (Passwords can be changed once we have completed your blog.)

  • Unique Design: Our talented graphic artist will create a custom heading to reflect your company's branding. (Of course, there's a specific size that looks best and we know the secret!)

  • Width Enhancement: Notice how most blogs are narrow, by editing the HTML code, we are able to widen your blog space. This enhancement gives you more text space, as well as, creating a more peaceful environment for your visitors.

  • Font Theme: The subject headings, hyperlinks, rollover text, etc. are customized to reflect your company's color scheme.

  • Portfolio: We include a slideshow to display your favorite portfolio photographs. (Setup includes uploading 15 of your own photographs.)

  • Personalized Links: Multiple sidebar sections are added to make learning about your company easy. Sidebars topics include personalized information such as media links, education and training certifications, an area to display your favorite finds such as great books or preferred resources, and an easy way to learn more about you and your company.

  • Designer Background: Implement a designer background to compliment your company's color scheme and custom heading.

  • Article Posting: Your first article will be written and posted to get your blog ready for visitors.

  • Quick Link: We include a Share button to allow people to link your blog articles to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This is a great way for your customers to show off your services!

  • Blogger Heading: Edit HTML code to remove the Blogger banner so your client can focus on what is really important, you!

  • Search Feature: A custom "Search" text box is implemented by adding HTML code to your standard template.

  • Spam Protection: If you were to type your email address on your blog, spammers can easily find your address and add you to their list of targets. We encrypt your email to eliminate this potential threat.

  • Personalized Client File: After your blog has been completed, you will receive a document containing your account login information and a step-by-step user guide. We also include tips such as how to rank higher in Google!

  • Custom Blog Design Cost: $247

The Custom Blog Design program begins April 1st. Blogs will be created in order of registration, so sign up early to be first on the list! Email us at support@minutesmatter.com to reserve your spot!

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