Sera o Benedito ~ Recycling Truck Tarps From Brazil

For designers that have a retail space and sell gift items this could be a great product to add to your store. I found SOB, Sera o Benedito at High Point Market. For more information on purchasing these products email orivan@seraobenedito.com.br. They recycle old truck tarps and create everything from duffel bags, totes, floor coverings, bean bags to clothing.

Above is an example of an actual tarp. To see all the patches that a trucker added double click to enlarge the image.

Love these totes and duffel bags.

These shoes are made from a truck tarp and the soles are from the truck tires.

These are the colorways from the tarps.

The bean bags were the cutest! The tarps are so soft and of course very durable and washable.


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