Executive Book Summaries

Everyone knows I love books, whether they're a hard copy or audio. I guess it's my constant thirst for knowledge which drives me to read. We never get too old to learn something new.

Vickie Ayres, The Countess of QuickBooks, recently gave me a subscription to Soundview Executive Book Summaries. Each month, I'll receive three new summaries. Each summary is available in multiple digital formats. As a bonus, I'll also receive 30 of the top business books from 2010 and six bonus summaries of my choice. What I love about this gift is I can get the gist of the entire book by reading or listening to a summary. WOW, who could ask for anything more than that? I guess Vickie knows minutes do matter to me! If you really like the summary you can purchase the book. Hmmm, no probably not for me, the summary will be just right.

With this subscription I also received a hard copy of their book The Management Gurus. This book contains 15 summaries of the best management books of all time. I really love the book. It is short, sweet and best of all to the point; since each chapter is a condensed version of the author's book. Did I mention MinutesMatter to me?

The summaries contained in this one book include: (I've hyperlinked a few titles for you.)
Check out their site and see if this is a way for you to learn more faster.

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  1. Hi Debbie! Glad to hear that when Minutes Matter, Soundview's summaries are the answer. We have a fantastic August package lined up that I hope you enjoy!

    - Kyle from Soundview