Does attending a webinar intimidate you?

We use the latest technology to help our clients learn how to use our software, whether it's the graphic design program Studio or our QuickBooks & Quoting program. Minutes Matter offers free monthly webinars for which you can register quickly and easily. Look for an email or check our website and blog for links to the various presentations.

Once you click on the link to register giving only your name and email address, you'll receive a confirmation email. When you use the link from one of our emails, you can "auto-register" by simply clicking, there's nothing to fill out. If you don't see the confirmation, check your spam or junk mailbox.

On the day of the webinar, you'll receive a reminder.

At least ten minutes before, click on the blue hyperlink in the email and wait for the GoToWebinar software to download. This takes less than a minute. Then you're in the meeting site. You can decide whether to listen to the presentation through your computer's speakers (this is called VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol) or by calling in on your telephone which may be a toll call depending on your long distance service.

Your computer monitor will display the presenter's screen and you will be able to watch in the comfort of your office or home as the demonstration takes place live.

Because we have so many attendees, we have everyone muted to prevent feedback from background noise. We still want you to participate, so use the Question box on your Attendee Panel to type in your questions. One of our organizers will respond and if your question needs clarification, the presenter will demonstrate on screen.

We hope this brief explanation of how a webinar works will alleviate any fears you may have and you will join us for an informative, fact-filled seminar.

See you on line!

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