Windows of Opportunity ~ WCAA Atlanta Chapter Event

The WCAA Atlanta Chapter hosted Windows of Opportunity which was a vendor round table event. There were six different vendors and approximately 70 attendees. All attendees were divided into six groups. Vendors prepared a 45 minute talk and repeated that talk six times. The attendees loved the small groups, they felt free to fully participate in the sessions.

One of the chapters member created these fabulous fresh floral arrangements. The arrangements were very unusual and the design allowed for conversation during lunch.

Tracie Bresnahan, is the current President of the WCAA Atlanta Chapter.

The guys from Menagerie, discussed corona and unique hardware solutions.

Susan from the Rowley Company discussed the new issues with the roman shade guidelines and shared some solutions.

That's me! I discussed lots of new and innovative marketing solutions.

Sandy and Terri from United Supply.

Katy and Mike Garrett from Connexion discussed how Connexion their new In-the-Cloud software can help designers, fabricators, installers and client communicate in one central location.

Greenhouse Fabrics discussed new fabrics and color trends.

Several of the members recommended that we eat at Seasons 52. So after the event, Mike, Katy and I headed out to Season's 52 which is a restaurant that serves fabulously fresh and healthy food. None of their dishes have over 450 calories. One of our favorite things was the Grilled Steak and Cremini Mushroom Flatbread; I think we should have ordered two of those instead of one for appetizers.

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  1. You are right Debbie, we really enjoyed the day. Your pictures captured well what was going on. Thanks for the tip on Seasons 52. I will plan to eat there soon.