I was so excited this morning when I received an email from one of my clients. "I can't wait to get my statement this month for my checking account. I can't wait to reconcile!" Made me laugh and feel proud all at once. I was proud of her for learning a new skill and proud that I could be a part of leading her there.

The key to reconciling any statement in less than 3 minutes in QuickBooks is too QuickBooks set up properly at the beginning and entering transactions as you go. When the statement arrives you don't dread it, you can actually get excited about how easy it will be!

I love to put the time I start in the upper left hand corner of the statement and the finish time in the upper right. I always try to beat my time from the month before. I know, its silly, but it makes a dull task more fun.

Let me know if I can help you streamline your accounting tasks with some QuickBooks training time.

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