What sets your business apart?

Please join us for our June webinar showcasing Studio 3.0 this coming Wednesday the 9th at 1 PM Eastern. You will learn how quickly and easily you can design directly on a photo or create elevation renderings that will help your business outshine the competition. This month's focus is on angles - windows and walls - and will feature designs for children's rooms.

Log on early to watch our 150+ slide show of Studio drawings - bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, baths, kitchens, and more, with a special section on relaxing retreats in honor of Father's Day!

Here's the link to click to register:

If you've never joined a webinar before, what are you waiting for??!! It's easy. After you register, you'll receive an email confirmation. Then on the day of the webinar, another reminder will appear in your mailbox. Click on the link in the email, and follow the prompts; wait a minute while the software downloads to your computer. Once you are in the meeting you can decide whether to listen through your computer's speakers (make sure you adjust the volume using the audio settings on the webinar panel) or you can call in on your telephone.

Before the webinar, jot down any questions you might have using Word or Wordpad. Then during the webinar, copy and paste the text into the Question Box on your attendee panel. One of our Studio panelists will type in an answer or read the question to me so that I can demonstrate whatever you want to see.

This month we are giving away three (3!) $50 gift certificates so be sure to stay till the end of the presentation.

We know life happens and you can't always attend as planned. Don't worry, all our webinars are recorded (barring lightning storms and power outages) and you'll be able to watch the video by clicking on a link in the email you'll receive after the webinar.

Contact me with any question you might have..... mmstudiocoach@aol.com

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